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When the Tech Wars (not to be confused with William Shatner’s TekWar) plunge San Francisco into chaos and anarchy (but before SF sinks into the ocean) cutesy post-it note messages on office windows will be the only reliable source of communication. 

(Well, the kids have to learn about TekWar sooner or later.)

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It’s kind of laughable how frustrated I’ve been the last couple of nights trying to practice getting precise cuts on unusable card sheets for the print-and-play version of No Benefits.

Cognitively, and even to a certain extent emotionally, I know that the next few days practicing will be an investment in loss. I don’t have much in terms of hand-eye coordination, and I didn’t spec in arts and crafts during my character creation process. So I am coming in with a disadvantage. And that’s okay!

I am doing something that makes me uncomfortable, while trying to stay pozz, trill, and internalize every platitude about perseverance is cold comfort when I discover how much each successive cut is just veers just a little oblong thereby screwing up the dimensions for the entire sheet and how did that happen why did that happen why isn’t this work oh goddammit again. I tell myself how I was able to learn how to ride a bike and use chopsticks and beat match on turntables despite having no aptitude for any of those in the past. 

The amount I have been sweating while operating a paper cutter speaks to my own fitness level. 

All of this feels Steven Pressfield-esqe. Going into this neither region in order to find glory or something while hunting down ego demons and self-doubt. Because this is trying to do right by the people who believed in this project, and do right by Steve ( stevelopment ), and finally get my finger off that creative self-sabotage button, and my eyes away from the internet presences of people I am secretly jealous and use as ammunition to self-flagellate my own life choices. 

Trying to rock this shit with some grace while I am sweat embarrassing into my eyes just makes it a little harder. 

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Best screen-cap of 2014 so far?

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You know those lame kids who bring their guitars in class, and play them during breaks in an attempt to look ‘cool’, but everyone just ignores them? I want to Otsuka Headbutt them. All of them.


Anyway here’s Wonderwall

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First Date - Blink 182


First Date - Blink 182

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